Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fisker Gets a Makeover But DOE May Not

The Detroit Auto show featured some fine new automobiles.  This year the electric plug ins took second stage to powerful new cars with internal combustion engines.  Fisker the brain-child of Al Jazeera Gore did not attend the show as they simply have not built a car in the last seven months and they are awaiting a new supply of batteries from the now bankrupt A 123.  But there was a modified Fisker that was a star of the Detroit Auto Show

This car is the VL Destino which is a Fisker Karma with the crappy electric and puny internal combustion engine drivetrain removed and replaced with a massive 670 horsepower V8 from a Corvette ZR1.  Voila the Fisker became a real car and stole the show.  Interestingly the Destino is more than half a ton lighter than the Karma by jettisoning the heavy battery pack that Al Gore invented when not working on the internet or counting his millions of dollars.  Yes the man who could not carry his own state in the 2000 presidential elections pocketed another $29 million for his Apple stock options.

Amazing how Alaric can make so much money and be so wrong.  The only thing he added to Apple was to convince them to use his Bloom Energy Box at their data center in North Carolina.  Apple could have simply bought power from the grid but chose to self-generate their own power using the Bloom Boxes Al and his pals at Kleiner Perkins own.  I have often blogged that based on the permit application data in Delaware the Bloom Boxes are dirty, inefficient, contain hazardous material, and of course generate power for three times the cost of alternate cleaner methods. 

Yes Al Gore pockets $29 million for his Apple options while the rest of Apple’s shareholders get screwed by the company’s decision to deploy Bloom Boxes.  Reuters finally reported on how Kleiner Perkins lost it by investing in green companies.  Perhaps Al can give the $29 million of ill-gotten gains to other rich people who lost money by investing in green funds run by him at Kleiner Perkins.

The great news of the week from Bloomberg was that the Chu Chu Train is leaving the Department of Entropy.  Not a moment too soon for this other Nobel Prize winner who cost us billions of dollars for his green dreams and flopped investments in crappy companies like Fisker and A 123.  Perhaps Chu will also be invited to join the board of Apple or become a partner at Kleiner Perkins. 

But hold your ten gallon gasoline hats he may not actually be leaving.  Huffington reports the Chu Chu is not leaving the station with the burning platform and is “focused on his job”.  Well Stevie Wonder I hope that you find a new optometrist to give you a new set of specs so you can actually focus correctly because you have been blind for four years.

Perhaps Chu can go to Detroit and inspect the Destino and can then opine on the merits of removing the A 123 battery pack he sponsored from the crappy Karma he sponsored.  Looking at the shiny big V8 engine in the Destino may help him focus more clearly on real energy policy if we are unfortunate to have him continue as being the US Secretary of Entropy.  It kind of makes sense that the signals out of the department of entropy about Chu’s future are disordered and in chaos.