Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Cold Morning In California

My car had ice on its windshield this morning.  San Francisco California is actually colder today than New York City.  Typically the cities on the Atlantic coast such as Boston, New York, and Baltimore have a very cold January the 13th while San Francisco is considered to be a warm weather winter destination.  Right now it is 45 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City and only 40 degrees in San Francisco.

Al Jazeera Gore is not pronouncing that a cold Pacific is a result of global warming yet he is quick to pronounce that the warmer than usual Atlantic is certainly caused by global warming.  But Al Crapone is taking his eye off of the Atlantic and is now focusing on the Pacific.   Is he going to move to San Francisco now that it is really cool to be here?  No he is eyeing China as the cornerstone of his global automotive enterprise.

Gore’s brainchild electric plug in auto company Fisker is now eyeing partners in China to continue the charade of saving the world from carbon emissions.  BEIJING, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Top executives at Fisker Automotive Inc., maker of the sleek Karma plug-in hybrid, are scouring Asia - in particular, China - for funding and strategic partners that are viewed as crucial to the automaker's success, four people familiar with the matter said.”

Fisker lied to the State of Delaware that they would employ thousands of folks in the First State to build the Fisker Karma and then the Fisker Atlantic.  Even the darling of the left Governor of Delaware, Mr. Markell, is now questioning whether this failed auto company that sells auto igniting cars to the rich and famous will ever build a single “affordable” $50,000 Atlantic in the assembly plant the State of Delaware has been paying utility bills to keep “warm” and ready for Fisker’s promised to be large auto assembly operation.

Alfonso, I personally welcome your strategy to rename the Atlantic the Pacific and move to the very Far East.  Please go with Fisker on a slow boat to China and please never return!  While you do this please take your Bloom Box with you and leave the small state free of any wasteful connection to your plain dumb gangrene ideas of plug in cars and fool cells.

I will not tell the Chinese the actual carbon emissions of your Bloom Box that we all know by your own admission in Delaware to be 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  You and your team can continue to use the faked out numbers you claim on Bloom’s web site.    Your Fisker can plug into the Chinese power grid with the highest fraction of coal generation other than in South Africa.  Yes you can lie in Mandarin that you have green technology to offer the Chinese as they embark on emitting more and more carbon dioxide, acid rain forming gases, and mercury and other poisonous heavy metals to keep Fisker a going concern.

But before you abandon the warm Atlantic for the cold Pacific I expect you and your partners will pay back the US Government and the State of Delaware the tax payer funds you obtained with lies about your Fisker and your Bloom Box.  Perhaps the newly Jazeerad up Current TV can provide the renewable electric current to the Chinese for charging up the “Fisker Pacific”.  The Chinese may love the anti-American reporting and will get a charge that a person who once took the oath of office for Senator and Vice President of the United States is a partner of Al Jazeera. The flu epidemic is bad this year but Al you actually will make SARs look like a common cold after you infect the Chinese with gangrene.


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