Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why did Colin Powell Endorse Obama?

There have been a ton of articles in the press that Colin Powell a “registered” republican endorsed Obama over Romney for President of the United States. Some pundits claimed it was because of the color of his skin. Some claimed it was because that the four-star general wants to destroy the Republican Party from within. All these claims are nonsense. Colin's endorsement of Obama is not about race or the Republican Party.  It is about the color green.

Colin is a strategic adviser to Kleiner Perkins and Colin is multimillionaire who wants more greenbacks in his pocket and Kleiner Perkins pocket and does not really care who is the next president except as to who can help him green up more. Colin and Al Gore are tied at the hip through Kleiner Perkins. Al is on the team and Col helps the team with strategy.

Kleiner Perkins is led by John Doerr who hosted Obama at the famous dinner in Silicon Valley a year and a bit ago with the late Steve Jobs. Kleiner Perkins is the powerhouse venture capital (VC) firm that has backed Fisker, Bloom Energy, and Amyris among other “green” startups. When Mitt shellacked Obama in the first debate with the green losers of Solyndra, Fisker, Tesla, and Ener1 there is no way on God’s green earth that Colin could have endorsed Romney. Romney was in fact also mocking Al Gore’s participation in and Colin’s strategic advice to the powerful VC firm.

Colin has a reported net worth of over $45 million. Yet you do not see Obama mocking Colin about his wealth and asking the ex-secretary of state who sits on Bloom Energy’s board with John Doerr to make public his tax returns. No Colin and Obama want to reduce carbon emissions not fiscal deficits. They want to save the planet together.

Eisenhower in his exit speech warned of the military industrial complex. Colin exited public life and then joined the military industrial complex to make big bucks. Colin needs a president who will continue the folly of the Bloom fuel cell box, the Amyris advanced biodiesel, and the Fisker electric automobile.

I had asked Colin who is an “independent” director on the board of directors of Bloom Energy to investigate the difference in carbon emissions stated on Bloom’s web site versus the data provided under penalty of perjury to the coastal zone board in Delaware. Of course Colin never lifted a finger to seek the truth of this matter.

Kleiner Perkins can pretend that Colin gives them strategic advice. I know that the General who erroneously claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction is simply the connecter for the VC firm to the military industrial complex.

Obama supporters can gloat that Colin endorsed Obama over Romney. Pundits can draw conclusions on the role race plays in American politics. I will simply say that Colin loves the color green and his strategic advice on weapons of mass combustion is probably worthless but his military industrial connections if Obama stays in office will be valuable. If Romney wins Colin will maneuver a “tactical withdrawal” and will be happy with his net worth that puts him well in the 1%.

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