Monday, September 3, 2012

Wan Hu Be Rich Quick?

Want to be rich quick? Now that I have your attention, I need some money to start a new business that will help America and the Western World to save energy and not send billions of dollars to the folks who hate us but have oil to sell us.

The business is based on my breakthrough invention will get us out of our cars and back on our feet. My invention will make the air purer and not deplete the ground water. My invention will make us healthier and physically strong. My invention will recycle waste and turn the waste to be useful to many people. More importantly, my invention will make all of you money.

As stated above my invention will help Americans and Westerners get back on their feet. My invention that will get you all back on your feet is a new shoe like no other shoe in the world. It is so comfortable it is like walking bare foot. It will make Prada and Ferregamo look like and feel like clogs. I have developed the feather shoe. Yes it is like walking on a down pillow.

The synthetic feathers are placed between the sole and the inner liner and are made of a new special high tech nanomaterial that is as light and as soft as feathers is called Wan Hu Be Rich™. Wan Hu Be Rich™ nanofeathers change their shape and density under the pressure of your weight. The heavier you are the softer the material becomes.

I only need $500 million to get the business going. Give me your life savings, your pension funds, and your kid’s barmitvah money. With your money I can achieve what President Obama did not. I can stop the rising oceans and heal the planet. I will make you all proud that overweight kids will walk to school without the pain of corns and bunions. Poor kids will feel they are walking on air.

Yes with $500 million I will produce at least 500 pairs of my Wan Hu Be Rich™ shoes in my seventh year of operation. Those first 500 pairs of shoes will be “sold” to the super wealthy in Silicon Valley for test walking. Our government will help subsidize the sale of those first 500 pairs of shoes given to the mover and shakers in the Valley. The government will do this because I have convinced them that I am certain after producing 500 pairs of shoes to get the market started, I will then sell millions of pairs of affordable shoes to the average Jane and Joe.

Yes fellow Americans, Congress people, and yes President Obama I can save the world and I am a visionary who came to America from South Africa. My name is Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine. I have never made shoes before but I can walk and talk and that makes me well qualified. I will change the world of footwear! I will stop the oceans from rising! I can heal the earth!

Of course I need to name of my company after a historic inventor. The company will be named after an inventor from the mid 16th century. That name is Wan Hu. Old Wan Hu placed 47 rockets on a chair in the mid-16th century and thought he would be the first astronaut but became an Astra-Nought. The crater on the far side of the moon is named after him. Don’t worry the big financial hole I create for you all will be totally visible on planet earth right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Happy Labor Day and you can click on the link below to read about Wan Hu.