Friday, September 7, 2012

Is the President Sick of Al Gore?

Folks you may have noticed Al Gore is not anywhere close to Charlotte, North Carolina.  The man who always loves the lime green light is simply missing and hanging out in New York City.  Al did not skip the convention he was not invited to convention.

The President does not need the inventor of the color green to muddy up the convention and really remind voters of the green energy failures the President’s administration has funded to the tune of almost five billion dollars only to see the money lost.  Al would shine the green light on Solyndra, Fisker, Beacon, A 123, Ener1 and the myriad other belly flops from the DOE funding diving board.  The President does not want to defend his failed energy policy.  The President did not ask Dr. Chu to talk about energy at the convention, he asked Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to address the faithful green gringos assembled in the Queen City on energy matters.  Charlotte has a second nick name dating back to the revolutionary war.  That name is The Hornets’ Nest

It is fitting that Al Gore is absent from the convention as he would have stirred up a massive hornets’ nest.  He did not invent the internet but he did build battery cars, and the need to move away from coal, oil, and gas as the keystones of our energy policy.  Looking at Ken Salazar in a white cowboy hat addressing the green lemmings yesterday made me think that they want old Ken to look like an oil man.  Guess what?  Addressing the faithful, old Ken painted Obama as if he was the reincarnation of LBJ and things in the oil and gas patch are booming because of what Obama has done for the extraction of hydrocarbons. 

Ken laid out the American Dream and how his family has been working the land around the Rio Grande for 400 years.  Ken laid out how the President wants the American Dream for every single American, and how the President walks with us.  Ken explained how the President will bring us energy independence by using an “all of the above” energy strategy and that is why oil imports are the lowest in two decades because of the President’s efforts. 

Ken had to play the role of two speakers who simply had to be left out of the Convention.  Ken had to play the role of Dr. Chu and Mr. Hide.  Ken had to portray and administration with an energy policy based on oil and gas exploration and production and green energy based on wind and solar.  Ken had to say the US is producing the highest amount of natural gas in its history.  That is true but Ken the natural gas produced on Federal Lands that you manage is being produced at the lowest level in a decade

What Ken did not point out was that oil and gas being produced in North Dakota, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana with record production rates all came from states with Republican Governors who simply ignored Al Gore and Steven Chu and let free enterprise prevail. 

For some crazy reason, I watched the Convention on CNN and the advertising that sponsored the CNN coverage was brought to us by Clean Coal and Natural Gas.  I guess those trade groups felt it necessary to reach a liberal audience to help influence energy policy.  Interestingly the sponsors of the CNN coverage of the Convention yesterday were 180% apart from Al Gore, Steven Chu and President Obama. 

I have to say I love America where the power of advertising and the great oratory of politicians can get lemmings to do anything.  No doubt that Mr. Blitzer was happy his high salary for the day was paid for by Clean Coal.  No doubt that Mr. Carville was happy to hear a word from his Clean Coal sponsors.  Of course Mr. Carville would have preferred if electric car companies such as Fisker or Tesla would have advertised but alas they have nothing to sell us except faded dreams.   But wait the whole Convention is all about the repackaging of faded dreams and perhaps it would have been more appropriate for A 123’s new Chinese owners to sponsor the CNN coverage. 

I guess Al Gore was not invited to the convention because he disagreed with the platform that did not include Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.   He can use that as a good excuse for his lack of attendance at the party’s festival, twelve years after he so gallantly gave Tipper the longest kiss in the history of accepting a party’s presidential nomination. 

Just twelve years ago Joe Liebermann and Al Gore were the heroes of the party.  Now both are outsiders of a party that has moved away from LBJ all the Way to parading a crying two years old as the poster child of Obama Care.   Actually the two year old cried because she understood she was being used as a pawn and was scared to see her mother breakdown while speaking about the poor child’s ill health.  Old Ken did not cry because he did not even realize he was being used as a pawn to cover up the failures of Chu and Gore and the dismal failure of Obama’s green energy policy.

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