Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Week That We Could Have Missed

This past week was simply terrible!  The news out of many capitals where mobs have attacked embassies and consulates is appalling and reminiscent of 1979.  The “reasoning” of the mobs is the same back to the future view of the world where the Satanic West has insulted one of the monotheistic religions.  The real reason for the mob is massive population growth, massive unemployment, massive government corruption, massive inflation in food prices, massive inflation in energy prices, massive inflation in housing costs, and massive miseducation of the masses.  

It is quite amazing how the mobs have neatly printed signs in English.  I wonder who gave them the signs and the money for the signs?  How long ago were the signs printed so the mobs could be unleashed on a moments notice?  Who gave the mobs the US flags?  Of course the mobs know the date of 9 11.  Of couse the whole thing was planned long in advance but Hillary is still blaming the violence on a junk film made in the USA and calling this the root cuase of the violence. 

President Carter and President Obama are living proof that apologists cannot effectively lead the free the world.  President GW Bush is living proof we cannot bomb our way to success.  All the presidents since Carter have had a secretary of energy in their cabinet and all of these administrations had failed energy policies.  All of these administrations have simply punted problems to the future to optimize their own present. 

In 1979 , when President Carter had the Iran Hostage problem the world population was 4.378 billion with approximately 35 million living in Iran.   In 2012 the population of Iran will cross 80 million and the world has 7.039 billion people.  The US population increased from 222 million in 1979 to 314 million today.   I do not know how many undocumented aliens live in Iran but I would add at least another 15 million people to the US population.  Therefore the US added about 100 million to its population while Iran added 45 million in the past 33 years.  Proportionally Iran had massive population grown while the US has had substantial population growth.  All the added people need food, work, housing, healthcare, and most importantly education.

In 1979 we had no cell phones, no internet, no PCs, and far fewer wonder drugs to treat cancer.  Of course we are better off in many ways thanks to the brilliance of many people.  Over the past 33 years I have been indeed fortunate to have worked at the leading edge of high tech and bio tech and to have contributed in small measure to the manufacture of microprocessors, flash memory chips, LCD displays, and monoclonal antibodies.  Of course 2012 is a far better time than 1979 when it comes to communications, calculations, and cancer treatment.  Sadly 2012 is a far worse time than 1979 when it comes to the state of the global population in terms of their ability to deal with one another. 

But China, India and other Asian nations have seen wonderful increases in their economic prosperity, their level of education, and their general well-being.  Brazil and Chile have also shared in the growth of global trade driven by trade with China in particular.  Australia has boomed through its trade with China.  All is not bad and much is better.

The single laggard in the field of technological advancement has been personal transportation.  I blame morons like Arnie Schwarzenegger for popularizing SUVs and Hummers.  We were making real progress in the 80s and early 90s on improving the MPGs of vehicles until the popular culture was hijacked by Arnie to create this feeling of security and superiority by driving a 3 ton vehicle.  Thank goodness the Prius came along and the Hummer died.  Thank goodness GM sells the Cruze and Chrysler has Fiat’s small car technology.  Thank goodness that Ford has the Focus and has pretty much focused on small cars rather than gargantuan SUVs .

I do believe we will be far more efficient in energy consumption, but this cannot save the world.  Too many hungry mouths to feed in too many places with terrible education, with bad government are what worry me and keep me up at night.  Of course Iran is the poster child but the US is right up there.  Yes we have more people on food stamps than ever before, we have slipped in the quality of our public school education, and we have poor government.  I have not had a representative for years in my congress and thankfully she is retiring this year. 

We certainly have not had any competence ever in the leadership of the Department of Energy.  We have tried strong and weak Presidents and now the President is simply an incompetent apologist.  I do not know if Romney can lead and his critics make the following words out of the letters in his name: More and Money.  If Romney wins I pray he really gets someone who gets it in energy policy.  If Obama wins I pray he gets rid of Chu and lets the few who got more money than you can believe on junk green science drift into obscurity like the old Governator.  Arnie is the poster child of the word I could make out of Romney’s name if it simply had one more O.  That word is Moron.

It is Rosh Hashana and both my parents passed away several years apart on Rosh Hashana.  I remember the good times I had with my parents and siblings and know such good times can be ahead for future generations.  This blog is in honor of my parents.   Rosh Hashana means “head of the year”.  Let’s start using our heads to solve our problems.  We select our head of government once more in less than 60 days.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.


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