Saturday, October 22, 2011

An Update On The Fat Cat

I have more data on the Fisker. The car’s curb weight is now known and the behemoth weighs in at 5,300 pounds. Car and Driver reported this today. They tried to skinny down the cost and mass of the lithium ion battery pack and reduced it to 20 kilowatt hours. Hence the anemic range in the battery only mode. Of course the 5,300 pound pile of junk now vindicates Sir Isaac and his laws of motion.

The 20 kilowatt hours of batteries could have equipped 40 Buick E-Assists. This quantity of lithium could have saved 476.4 gallons a month of fuel if placed in the Buicks. But not only was the lithium misplaced, your tax dollars are even more misplaced. The Fisker is manufactured in Finland and not the USA. Their next low cost model will be manufactured in Delaware but that launch is now delayed till 2013. I doubt the company will be around in 2013 as I doubt Secretary Chu will be around DC for much longer.

There are reports that the sponsors of Fisker, Kleiner Perkins, who are Al Gore’s employer, were massively big donors to the Democrats. It is reported that “John show him the Door” together with his wife have donated over $800,000 to Democrats since the year 2000. I doubt that Fat Albert is the only culprit here but given that he is a highly visible fat cat I suggest he just shut up. He should not support Occupy Wall Street and rather support the end of the occupation of Washington DC by the Visigores that are sacking our capital and sapping our strength. His “partners” like John Doerr make much money from Wall Street when they get the “startups” to have IPOs. Perhaps the socialist inspired nincompoops in the park in New York City, may want to fly west and spend a little time occupying Sand Hill Road. Sand Hill is perhaps the most crooked road in the world and makes Lombard Street in nearby San Francisco look like Interstate 80 in Iowa




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