Saturday, October 1, 2011

C250 versus CODA

The third quarter has ended. Sounds like a football game, but I am talking about the year being 75% over. It was a terrible quarter for stocks and certainly not a great quarter for me. We do have to move on and work towards “greener” pastures. I could easily blog about the failures in the last six month but this blog actually has a silver lining in the otherwise red 92 days.

The new 2012 Models of cars will soon be on showroom floors and the required combined fuel economy standards of cars and light trucks for 2012 has risen to 29.7 MPG versus 25.5 in 2011. Cars have to achieve an average of 33.3 MPG and light trucks 25.4 MPG. Even if the methods the EPA uses to measure MPG are all messed up one has to be impressed that our team in Washington has imposed an increase of over 16% in fuel efficiency in a single year. No doubt that 2012 will see more and more sales of smaller and lighter vehicles and the ever increasing diminishment of the market share of large SUVs. The memory of Arnie and his dumb Hummer are beginning to fade from the collective American mind. Wait not so fast, remember the Raser 100 MPG Hummer that Arnie and Senator Hatch so proudly test drove, it is coming back as the VIA. Bob Lutz the 79 year old ex Vice Chairman of GM has joined Via as a “senior adviser”. I have to laugh, is “senior” because of his age or because of the importance of his advice? VIA is the off shoot of Raser and has the very same Kraig Higginson running the company. Via is Latin for road. Trivia is when three roads come together at one spot. Trivial mean unimportant or slight and the second coming of Raser which will soon be a third coming is unimportant or slight in our quest for real higher MPG.
In the coming fourth quarter we should see the launch of the CODA and the KARMA to join the Tesla, the Leaf and the Volt for the minuscule segment of plug in vehicles. The Karma is Al Gore’s brainchild and the Coda is Hank Paulson’s, so we have bipartisanship in the quest for perpetual motion with zero emissions. With the Green Tea Party making inroads we will discuss Tripartisanship. Tripartisan is to Bipartisan what Trivial is to Bivial. If you think we have heard nonsense out of the Capitol in the past wait till the Green Tea Party gets equal time on the airwaves. But let’s remain positive in this blog so let’s focus on what has been good in the past quarter. The inroad that smart phones have made in “computing” has resulted in significant greening of consumers’ in getting information. These small low energy devices are replacing folks’ usage of PCs, and TVs that require significantly more space and power. People are realizing that small screens held closer to their eyes are preferable to larger screens that cannot be easily ported. Likewise there will be a sea change when people realize that safe smaller vehicles should be used in personal transportation. It is kind of amazing to go to an electronics srore or web site where one can buy a 40 inch LCD TV or 23.7 inch Laptop for less than an Ipad. I just upgraded mt Sprint cell phone service to unlimited text and data and have a new HTC smartphone that is 4G capable. 3G now stands for Going Going Gone and 4G stands for Green Geriatrics Get Going. The question I when will I trade my 1999 C280 for a Coda. I have to say never as I have my eye on a new C250 1.8 turbo four with seven speed that costs the same as a Coda and is far more appealing to me.

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