Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs – The apple of my i

I just saw the news. Steve Jobs has just passed. He was an amazing person with the ability to turn vision into reality. I did work for Apple back in 1990 when they asked me to manage the project to install a burn in line in their Fremont, California factory. This project was for the Mac Portable that was a flop and the line was dismantled shortly after we started it up. I never met Steve but I certainly wished that I had the chance to meet him. He anticipated what people wanted long before they wanted it. He had projects that failed but he batted well above 500. He took risks and he got up when he stumbled and fell. He was willing to wander off the well worn and well known path and lead us to a new trail toward a brighter future. In a way he was the Lewis and Clark of electronics. He bet against IBM, Microsoft and Intel. He believed in his products and was willing to have a small but profitable niche. He never drove Moore’s law and he was not half as academic as Andy Grove. But he knew that in the end it was not about clock speed or line width of the circuitry but how a human interfaced with the device. He brought humanity to computing, cell phones, music players, and web surfing. He put the “i” in humanity for all of us.



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