Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tata Toxic Tony

As the Brits say Ta Ta for goodbye we can say Ta Ta to Toxic Tony. My bet is old Tony Wayward will be out of Benghazi Petroleum Monday or Tuesday. Why do I call the old Anglo Persian Oil Company Benghazi Petroleum? That is because old Toxic Terroristic Tony put pressure on the British Government to speed up the release of Libyan "prisoners" so that Bayou Polluter could gain access to Libyan oilfields that the nice Colonel was opening for bids. One of the "prisoners" that gained release was the low life king pin al Megrahi convicted of the bombing of the Pan Am flight 103 that exploded in the air over Lockerbie Scotland. Toxic Tony I have no words to describe my disdain for you. I do hope you simply disappear.

The Irish Times reports the following: "In a letter to the Senate foreign relations committee, British foreign secretary William Hague acknowledged BP had lobbied the Labour government on five occasions to have al-Megrahi included under the terms of a subsequently-agreed prisoner transfer agreement, but the Scottish government refused to allow him to be included. It released him later on compassionate grounds because he was diagnosed with cancer."

Well old al Megrahi did not have the terminal cancer that was going to kill him in three months and will now live for years to come. I think a fitting ending will be for Toxic Tony to move to Benghazi and move in with al Megrahi and the two of them can chat each afternoon about how America has done them bad. I will let my readers decide who is worse Toxic Tony or the Murderous Megrahi?


  1. Given a few years, the gulf blow out and clean up will prove to be responsible for a far greater number of deaths, all of them the more painful lingering kind caused by chemical poisoning and cancer than the numer done in by al Mergahi.
    Adding to this the damage done by the blow out and millions of gallons of the highly toxic dispersant Corexit added to the mix, we are in for some significant planetary food chain issues.
    I hope he burns in hell. But because he is merely a by product of an unregulated "free market" system he will be replaced by someone who will supply the more of the same.

  2. Pike you are so correct! Toxic Tony will fall on the sword for Benghazi Petroleum so that they can continue to be the reformed and green company doing business in the USA. The Libyan oil deal using the prisoner swap will be blamed on him and BP and the other eco-conscious oil companies will buddy up to Colonel Gadfly who no longer sponsors terrorism but instead is a friend of the west. Old TT will sail his boat in the clean waters of the Med while the Bubba Gumps of the world will eek out a living catching shrimp in the gulf that needs no soy oil to be cooked. Instead all the soy oil will be used for biofuel that big Oil will sell to you Pike thanks for the comment!