Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pele and Puskas The Greatest

Another week and another EV of oil has leaked into the Gulf Of Mexico. Remember an EV is an Exxon Valdez and equals 11 million gallons of oil. Just saw news on CNN that over 200 Congolese perished while trying to collect oil that had spilled from a road tanker that had overturned. One of the people skimming the oil was smoking a cigarette. Guess this brand of cigs in the Congo will be called Unlucky Strike. Perhaps the US government should let thousands of Congolese who clamor for spilled oil into the country to help with the cleanup as nothing else seems to be doing the job. The world is crazy and oil fuels the craziness.

Tesla Motors had their IPO on the US NASDAQ this week. Thermodynamically challenged imbeciles managed to bid the stock up to $30 a share after the stock listed at about $17 a share. It ended the week near $20 a share and my prediction is that it will never see $30 again and will soon be a single digit stock. Had readers of the green machine shorted Raser and A One when I told you all these stocks were hyped you could have retired. Raser was a wealth eraser, A One was a burned at the stake sauce and Tesla is a direct currency short circuit. I hope the greedy folks who are hyping this Betamax stock also get burned so to speak. Readers please note I am not a stock analyst I am just weighing in from a Thermodynamic point of view so if you pull the plug on Tesla you are doing it on your own risk and under your own advice.

Obama is still trying to give money away to solar companies who will employ folks so we can all get back to work. I have a suggestion for the Pres and the Congress why don’t all of you join a solar company and do an honest day’s work. Better still NASA still has a few Shuttles left so why not all go on a flight to the nearest star other than our sun. That star is Proxima Centauri and it is 4.2 light years away from our sun. If one performed the tedious arithmetic to convert this distance to miles it is about 5.879 trillion miles. We Yanks travel about 3 trillion miles a year in our cars and trucks so we could easily not drive for a couple of years and send the political leadership far away. Actually we vote every two years and can do the same with much less thermodynamic effort.

Proxima Centauri is a Red Dwarf Star that was discovered in 1915 at the Union Observatory in South Africa by a Robert Innes. I lived near this observatory when I was a kid in Johannesburg and it was located on Innes Street and only today in researching this for my blog did I put two and two together to realize that the street was named after a famous astronomer. Talking about Red Dwarfs and failed political systems we could also name the former Soviet Union as a Red Dwarf. It is a pity that the Bolsheviks in 1917 did not realize that old Innes had discovered a Red Dwarf that had burned out two years earlier. We Joburgers driving our vehicles in Johannesburg in the 1960s with leaded gasoline from BP polluted our skies so badly that the world famous Observatory was shut in 1971 and it became a fallen star.

The World Cup has once again put South Africa on the map and the games have been fantastic. I love soccer and I love the World Cup. I want the Netherlands to win as I remember as a kid many folks from the low lands rode bicycles while my Mom carted us to school in Johannesburg in a 1952 Buick Special that got 8 miles to the Imperial Gallon. Not much has changed from then to now here in Tiburon California where soccer moms drive behemoth SUVs to cart their kids around. Maybe the kids should just ride their bikes to the soccer game. When I grew up kids arranged their own soccer games and no parents were present as we all ran around an uneven field chasing a worn leather ball. Our joy was in playing the game, we did not need coaches or adults to tell us how to play. We just played and pretended we were Pele or Puskas. I bet you not many know who Ferenc Puskas was? He was great and played for Hungary. He played for Real Madrid and was the top scorer of goals in the 20th century. His country had to endure the domination of the Soviets but he managed to become a superstar instead of a Red Dwarf. Puskas died four years ago at age 79 but in my mind he is still a Super Giant Star. A super giant star is ten or more times more massive than our sun and it only lasts for a few million years as it devours its hydrogen at a pace only old Arnie’s Hydrogen Hummer can match. Now that Arne has bankrupted our state he announced today that California government workers will be paid the minimum wage. Arne like Toxic Tony should just sail a boat into the Bermuda Triangle.


  1. Another week, another EV. any idea on what the BOD is on that much oil? Any idea on how much energy would be required to aerate the water column that's being depleted by this slick? Maybe instead of flaring that methane, put it to good use to bubble air into the water column to help nature clean up man's mess. Great big turbine powered blowers bubbling air into the oil slick would help it break down, no?


  2. Well, I wandered on to your blog reading about KiOR. And I'm certainly in line with your castigating Kohsla. But you can't win 'em all and I happened to see your trashing of Tesla stock at $20, predicting that it would never hit $30 and would wind up single digit. Oops. It closed today at $240.20 and has an all-time high of $279.20. Shorting it would not have been rewarding, it was never lower than $15.80. I'd (in all sincerity) like to see your 2LOT argument against the viability of the Tesla products.



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