Thursday, July 15, 2010

Algific, Algetic, or Algoric?

This blog is a test of your English vocab. Do you know that algific means to make cold? All this talk about global warming certainly makes the need for all of us to become algific more imperative. Do you know that algetic means to cause pain? Of course we know that listening to Alfalfa is certainly highly algetic. So what does algoric mean? I will have to make this up as the dictionary does not have this word. It could mean to make money out of nonsense. That certainly applies to old Alfalfa. It could mean to speak from two sides of the mouth. Alfalfa certainly does that. Algoric may not be an English word but allochroic certainly is an accepted word. It means to be changeable in color. Alfalfa is certainly allochroic, he went from green to gangrene in no time at all. Also allogeneic is a real word that means to be of the same species but to be genetically dissimilar. No doubt the Green Machine is allogeneic when compared to Alfalfa. This is the shortest blog I have written in months but perhaps it is the most allobaric. This word means that the atmospheric pressure is changing. No doubt a storm is going to come from my liberal friends who believe in old Alfie. Lastly I have renamed Alfalfa as Alaric The Second. Alaric was the king of the Visigoths who destroyed Rome in 410 AD. Alaric The Second is the king of the Visigores, a new tribe of barbarians who are now sacking Washington DC and looting the city some 1600 years later.






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