Wednesday, March 24, 2021


I have asked the National Academy of Engineers to BOOT OUT one of their members.  He is KR Sridhar the CEO and Chairman of Bloom Energy

Here is my email to academy

Folks Lying Sridhar continues his GREENWASHED FRAUD in Delaware

The crooks at Bloom and the Sleaze at DE DNREC pretended to invent low carbon natural gas.  But now they are in a PICKLE.  The DNREC permits for the two dirty Bloom power stations in Delaware limit CO2 emissions on an hourly basis and on a running yearly (12 month)  basis.  Of course Bloom exceeds the maximum amount of CO2 emissions in the permits and this is because they do not have low carbon natural gas.

We have a new Sheriff in the form of Michael Regan who must now fine Bloom for excess CO2 emissions not only in Delaware but all over the country.  Michael Regan told the US Senate he will follow the science, end global warming and bring ENVIRONMETAL JUSTICE to these United States.  I am on his ass to do this.

The National Academy of Engineers must BOOT OFF LYING SRIDHAR as a member if they too FOLLOW THE SCIENCE.



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