Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bloom Out Of Biogas

The Bloomdoggle gets worse and worse.  AC Transit a Bloom customer in Oakland CA is now using fossil natural gas.  I contacted PG&E who supplies them the gas to demand we get back the SGIP money that was given for the AC Transit Bloomdoggle to run on Biogas.

The PG&E manager of the SGIP emailed me yesterday that AC Transit only had to use biogas for 5 years and then they are free to emit as much CO2 as they like.  What a sham !!!

But why is biogas so expensive and in short supply.  This goes back to the voodoo science of Cellulosic Ethanol.  The mandate for 2018 is 5.5 billion gallons of the cellulosic firewater in transportation fuels.  But we will produce only 15 million gallons this year.  To make up 240 million gallons of the shortfall the crooks in the Federal and California government consider biogas as a substitute for cellulosic ethanol if it is used in vehicles.

Of course the producers of biogas who can get more than $25 per million BTUs for biogas via the government subsidies for transportation fuel (state and federal) are not going to sell the gas to Bloom coffin owners.  AC Transit can buy pipeline fossil natural gas for around $3 per million BTUs and therefore made the switch after completing the mandatory five years of running on biogas.

Now this means the whole thing is a massive scam and nobody gives a s**t about the carbon emissions.  Actually they never gave a s**t about the environment it was just a scheme to transfer money from the poor to billionaires.  We know that the Doerrs of Baby Fund My Fire fame own all the US Senate democrats and other politicians they wish to own.


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