Saturday, May 12, 2018


The Khosla Brason Eco-Scam GEVO is still dropping like a stone.  Less than a month ago I reported that $10,000 invested in GEVO's IPO was worth 81 cents.  Now that $10,000 invested is worth only 67 cents.  That is less than I paid for an asiago cheese bagel today.

A bagel looks like a zero.  GEVO will soon be a BIG ZERO.

The price of gasoline here in Northern California is headed up.  I paid $3.79 a gallon of mid-grade.  I needed 17 gallons and the money I paid for my fill up could have bought 200 shares of GEVO.

I think I will go further on this tankful of gas than all of the entire Obama energy policy.  Obama gave Khosla's companies a lot of taxpayer money and Khosla gave Obama a million dollars towards his 2012 campaign.  That is how Obama functioned.  He was the Michael Cohen of presidents.  Obama sold influence on an unprecedented scale.  Just ask John Doerr his library builder.  Doerr is the Grand Bloomdoggler who not only owned Obama but all of the Democrats in the US Senate.


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