Friday, September 23, 2016

Enphase out of Phase

Another Kleiner Perkins company touted by Prof Dan Kammen of Bezerkely is headed south.  Their stock is plunging.

The company had an IPO four years ago and the existing shareholders before the IPO (probably Kleiner) had to prop up the IPO.

Kleiner brought us the Bloomdoggle and Hillary's campaign gets funds from John Doerr of Kleiner.  I hope Trump reads my blogs so he can ask Hillary about Enphase being out of phase.   As for Kammen of UC Berkeley in 2006 he promised us 4.25 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol for this year.  We will be lucky to get just over 3 million gallons.  I asked Kammen if 0.08% is a passing grade for the classes he teaches at Berkeley.  Kammen has remained silent and he probably is doing some phase shifting on his position at Enphase where he chairs a research board.

I can't wait for Donald to make Hillary's head spin on Monday in the debate.  She will do a full 720 double back flip with a half twist not a 180 out of phase Kammen trick.