Monday, January 12, 2015

Kior Old Miss Versus Khosla

A battle is brewing in bankruptcy court in Delaware over whether the end of KIOR should be by 7 or by 11.  The State of Mississippi wants the bankruptcy judge to rule that death penalty should be via Chapter 7.  Khosla the thermo clown wants to drown using Chapter 11.  Why the disagreement?

Old Miss thinks Vinnie is about to pull a fast one on the few remaining assets of the gangrene company. 

I actually think this is the first of many actions by the state and in the end the Magnolia State may bring some criminal charges against KIOR, its officers, directors, and it promoters for fraud.   No doubt the whole story was a thermodynamic fraud and I have opined on this for several years.

The SEC has KIOR under investigation. 

Robert Rapier called their demise.

The next few days will be really interesting.  I do hope the State prevails and we see the dog enter cage number 7 where it belongs prior to being put down.   The State of old Miss may have cages for a few humans as well.   Do they have chain gangs in old Miss?  The end of KIOR could be like Cool Hand Luke. 

The failure to communicate here was that a short ton of the yellow pine simply could not yield 92 gallons of diesel.  The pine became, soot, CO2, water, and an oily mess.

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