Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Easy as Pi Solution To End the Delaware BLOOMDOGGLE and Make the Streets of Wilmington Safe

The following was sent to the President and the Editor of Delaware's leading newspaper The News Journal (Gannett) 

I suggest the following be published as an Op Ed in your paper as a real idea from the Green Machine to improve law and order on the streets of Wilmington as well as clean up the air and the dumps with solid hazardous waste.  My idea that is as easy as pi "kills" three birds with one stone.

Here is my Op Ed.

An Easy as Pi Solution To End the Delaware BLOOMDOGGLE and Make the Streets of Wilmington Safe

My suggestion:

By March 14, 2015 at 9 am (314159 or 3.14159 =pi) the new AG of Delaware, Mr. Matt Denn, should announce the opening of  an investigation into the fraudulent granting of a permit for the Red Lion Project in the coastal zone of Delaware for the Bloom Boxes that irrefutable written evidence now shows the extraction of enormous subsidies and the massive unpermitted pollution of land and air in the generation of unreliable electricity.

The BLOOMDOGGLE rip-off is equal to at least $1000,000 a day in Delaware.  My solution will be that DELMARVA collect the $100,000 subsidy, but give this to the AG office for real prevention of the further deterioration of downtown Wilmington.   Thirty real police officers can be hired for $20,000 a day.  The remaining $80,000 a day can be used to improve the roads, street lights, buildings, and general infrastructure of Delaware’s largest city.

The Bloom coffins should be removed from the Coastal Zone and the Red Lion site should be restored to its natural state in the protected coastal zone.  The officers, directors, and major shareholders of Bloom Energy should be indicted and face trial.  Civil servants and cabinet secretaries should also be indicted for their roles in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Delmarva Power (Bloom’s agent) and Bloom should pay over $100 million in restitution for the crimes against nature and humanity.

This would show the poor in Wilmington that they do have hope of a fair future with proper employment opportunities and equal justice under the law.  Sadly the AG and Mr. Alan Levin the remaining cabinet secretary who signed off on the bogus tariff have a hopeless plan to bring the “rule of law” and a sense of security to the streets of Wilmington.  Note Mr. Colin O’Mara the other cabinet secretary who signed off on the bogus tariff resigned after his role in hiding solid waste with sulfur from the Bloom coffins was exposed.

The following article outlines Mr. Denn’s and Mr.  Levin’s plan for “safety ambassadors” dressed in yellow jackets (why not green jackets?) to save the downtown. 

I happen to think my plan with the $36 million a year used now for fraudulently transferring money from Delmarva ratepayers to Bloom would work better.  I bet 99% of the ratepayers would prefer the money be spent for law and order in downtown Wilmington rather than making Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell richer.  My plan would clean up the air, the solid hazardous waste dumps, and the streets.  My plan that is as easy as pi will work.  Mr. Denn’s plan won’t work as 99% of people know almost $70 million has already been given in subsidy to the 1% who own Bloom Energy and why would a few “safety ambassadors” change that.  One good law suit from the AG’s office will send the right message to the streets of Wilmington and all other streets in Delaware that crime does not pay!

I do hope you publish this Op Ed

Lindsay Leveen
The Green Machine


  1. Ha ha. Of course we mathematicians appreciate this quasi-isomorphism. How long did it take you to arrive at this? ;^) My only critique is you extricated two-field digits from date field and (the last two, instead of first two from) year field, but only one digit from the month. Of course you'll need to follow this up with a (formal) mathematical induction proof. If you need assistance with the Rearrangement Theorem, I can assist. I can't wait to see how this all falls out, so it can be stamped with a Q.E.D.