Saturday, April 26, 2014

West Virginia Gets Green

West Virginia is considered coal country.  Delaware is considered BLOOMDOGGLE country.  Unlike the first state, the mountain state is going ahead with a combined cycle natural gas power station that makes economic as well as environmental sense.

The folks in the first state got the Bloom Energy  BLOOMDOGGLE.  The folks in the mountain state got affordable green energy.

Al Gore and his buddies sold the Markell administration in Delaware power for $220 per megawatt hour using natural gas, the West Virginians will get power for $65 per megawatt hour using the very same natural gas more efficiently and effectively.  The folks in the mountain state will get power with only 730 pounds of CO2 emissions per megawatt hour and without solid sulfur waste.  The folks in the first state pay through the nose and get gangrene energy from the BLOOM COFFINS with higher CO2 emissions and solid waste that contains sulfur but is hidden from them.

The West Virginians are fortunate that Al Gore, Colin Powell, and John Doerr were Governor Markell’s friends rather than cronies of their governor Mr. Tomblin.   Randy Huffman is the man in charge of the environment in the mountain state.  He has a degree in mining engineering and actually understands a little thermodynamics.  The first state is unfortunate to have Mr. Colin O‘Mara looking after their environment.  Mr. O’Mara signed off on the BLOOMDOGGLE permit application with a cut and paste job, and was the rubber stamper for Governor Markell and higher ups in the party in the nation’s capital.

Here is a radio show that explains how Mr. O’Mara operates.

Mr. O’Mara attended Oxford University in England.  This goes to show that very smart people can do very dumb things when politically motivated.  Mr. O’Mara approved a dirty, expensive, and unreliable power project in Delaware to help him and his boss win favor with Al Gore, Colin Powell, and John Doerr as well as the movers and shakers in Washington DC.  Randy Huffman did what is right for the citizens of the mountain state.  Note my absent congressman is Jared Huffman and I hope for Randy’s sake they are very distant relatives.  Jared Huffman’s BLOOMDOGGLES in the California Assembly are also being unraveled like a gangrene onion.   My guess is Jared Huffman and Colin O’Mara were twins separated at birth. Colin was the far smarter twin brother.


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