Sunday, April 13, 2014

Drop Box Drop Condi

Drop Box announced the appointed Condi Rice to their board of directors.  Of course Condi has tons of free time after resigning in disgrace from KIOR's board.  The gangrene monster who was the architect of the war in Iraq has drawn the ire of drop box users who have no trust of the megalomaniac having access to billions of documents and images they use drop box to store.  How deep is people's distrust of the piano playing gangrene monster?  It is bloody large.  Condi could not find weapons of mass destruction, nor weapons of mass combustion, but folks are paranoid she will help the NSA find information in their drop box files.

My advice to drop box is to distance themselves from this lady who is a distant cousin of the truth.  Let her ruin the minds of young people who study at Stanford.  She and Stevie Not So Wonder Chu Chu are best suited to hide on a university campus where they can do the least harm to the rest of us.   These two third rate civil servants have caused massive harm to the United States.  One is guilty of war crimes and the other is guilty of violating the laws of thermo. 

We know Chu Chu does not own a car.  His wife owns a BMW while Condi owns a Mercedes Benz.  I guess the Chus and Rices have to support Angela Merkel for some reason rather than supporting Detroit.

Chu joined the board of Amprius. That company better have lots of money as Chu is simply has the un-midas touch.

Unfortunately folks I broke my collar bone so that is all I can write about Chu and Condi for now.  

Happy Passover and Easter and if you use drop box threaten to boycott unless they drop Condi.


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