Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clowns to the Left of Me Jokers to the Right - Here I Am Stuck in the Middle with You

The election is in two days.  Please go out and vote as you please but do not do it for revenge.  After the election we have to come together and really start to solve our problems.  The problems we have are a lack of jobs, cleaning up after Sandy, cutting the massive deficit, and simply not having an energy policy.  Our biggest long term problem though is most Americans are plain dumb when it comes to science, engineering, and technology.  All these problems will still be with us on November 7 and beyond inauguration day of the president.  The inauguration will be on Monday January 21, 2013.  Normally inauguration day is January 20 but if the day is a Sunday it is pushed back by a day.  The problem of a scientifically ill-educated population will take decades to remedy.

Excuses are over and it is time to get working.  We have to work on winning strategies rather than hopeful strategies.  We have to stop wasting time and money on junk science and hopes that the laws of thermodynamics disappear.  As an example of this junk science I will discuss in this blog is a company called Via.  Via is the resurrection of the bankrupt Raser Technologies and they like their predecessor are still at it fibbing about miles per gallon for their plug in Trucks.

David West was the Raser executive I had as a guest on my radio show three years back and he was the guy who claimed their plug-in Hummer that Arne and Senator Hatch drove achieved 100 MPG.  David West is back as the chief marketing officer for Via and is still claiming that his large plug-in SUVs get 100 MPG.  He even claims his volt plug-in achieves 500 MPG.  Check out this video.

He may be able to fool two thermodynamically impaired reporters in Salt Lake City that you divide all the miles driven on electricity and gasoline by the small volume of gasoline you use to determine the miles per gallon.  He and the two reporters believe that the electricity used for the majority of their driving has no energy content.   I would have simply ignored Via and Mr. West’s fibs about MPG.  But Via has Bob Lutz the ex -vice chairman of GM on their board.  Lutz and Via got plenty of exposure this month for the “100 MPG” trucks on the Jay Leno Garage show.

I guess Lutz like Obama need a fool like Leno to make their case.   Please watch the Leno video of the Via truck that is in the above link.  Leno and Lutz think I am a Putz!  They think I am going to believe that Leno’s Volt achieved 1,250 MPG and the electricity Jay placed into the Volt had no BTUs associated with those electrons.  Leno may want Obama to continue as President as he is worried that Romney may actually call him out on his thermodynamic stupidity.  Also Romney claims he is about creating jobs not shedding jobs.  Leno is a champ at shedding jobs.

OK enough about Jay.  Mostly what got my goat about the video from Salt Lake City is that one of the reporters is named Lindsay and it is simply unacceptable that someone with my name can be so gullible.   But my namesake is the poster child for just how easily most Americans can get fooled by folks falsely promoting green products.  It is not her fault.  It is the fault for the FTC to allow all this greenwashing to continue.  As to Jay Leno he simply is the court jester.  I expect he will never learn how to count BTUs as he simply has too much money to count and too few brains to count them with.


  1. Straight up, we need more scientists in gov't to dispel the myths and misinformation. When are you running for office? Hopefully, Dan Kalb will win the District One Oakland City Council seat being vacated. Dan is the cat who brokered CA's 33% RPS; he's California Policy Director at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

    About future choices of not having to vote for chuckleheads, there is a faction that's about fomenting strategies and solutions. "RootsAction is an online initiative dedicated to galvanizing Americans who are committed to economic fairness, equal rights, civil liberties, environmental protection -- and defunding endless wars." They could use your sage, Lindsay.

  2. Hi Kim Keep at It!! It is time that we got representation rather than clowns on the left and jokers on the right. It is time NBC cleans up their network and investigates Benghazi. It is time CBS apologizes for Launching Bloom Energy on 60 Minutes. Leslie Stahl should investigate instead of collaborate! It is time to teach kids science and math and how to write and think without becoming another brick in the wall. It is time for our kids to not have to fight wars that guys like Colin Powell invent reasons for and then old Colins sits on the board of Bloom Energy that is gangrene and has a dirty inefficient, and toxic generating machine that the ex vice president of the USA makes money on buy having a thermodynamic idiot Governor of Delaware screw homeowners on their power bills for the next twenty years to pay for the piece of expensive junk. But Joe Biden is from Delaware and his son is the AG of Delaware who should be fighting for justice for people in his state. It is pathetic that an old and tired chemical engineer has to do this while Joe Junior lets it slide and while Joe Senior is sadly a heartbeat away from being the ruler of the free world. Kim we are in deep trouble and we should become Avengers not Revengers. The guy who sold us hope now wants revenge! The guy who wants revenge was shallow, hopeless, naive, and mostly in love with himself. His trusty trusty Energy Secretary should be impeached. It cannot get worse unless of course Farsi becomes the official language of the United States. I worry more for your age group who have studied at university and now there are no real jobs. I am old and I am tired but I cannot live with the odor of thermodynamic BS and Jay Leno should simply drive his Lamborghini into the rising ocean and disappear.

  3. Hey, I will say, I certainly don't like being stuck. But if I must be stuck, I'm (sorta) okay being 'Stuck in the Middle with You.' (I like that song. ;^)) I'm working on it, Lindsay. I am trying to capitalize on this recent event of indifference by Mother Nature, er Hurricane Sandy--but I fear, we need a frequency of a few events like this to drive the point home about climate instability, and what need need to be doing, since our representatives SIMPLY do not get it. Nice to hear Mayor Bloomberg FINALLY gets it--I hope it's not all lip service. Prepare. Respond. Adapt.

  4. Bloomberg should be like George Lucas and donate some dough. George is donating $4 billion to education. Maybe some kids will actually be taught science and thermodynamics not gangrene nonsense. Bloomberg has $14 billion and maybe just maybe he should donate $1 billion to NYC schools to teach science and to help a few in need. The thing about the 1930s and 2012 is the Atlantic is very warm and the Pacific is very cold and it is perfect for the creation of Dust-bowls in the interior and storms in the East. There are just too many people who live on the coasts. I was watching the Amazing Race on TV and the city they were in was Dhaka Bangladesh. That city is probably toast with rising oceans but millions eek out a life there. But they are into compressed natural gas for small vehicles with four stroke engines and we should follow their lead. Chu should go to Bangladesh after leaving office in January. He should go on a one way ticket.