Saturday, March 10, 2012

Karma and Dogma

As predicted by the Green Machine A 123 the lithium ion battery company Dr. Stevie Not So Wonder funded big time has its stock headed to $1.23 (AONE on the NASDAQ). They had terrible quarterly losses and are bleeding as if all of their bloodstream is filled with low molecular weight heparin. Yeah the heparin scare of a few years back with Chinese producing tainted heparin is back as A 123 will move production to China. OK enough about clots (the British and South African word for an ignoramus. A perfect sentence using the word clot is as follows: The governator is a clot.

Stevie Not So Wonder has all but disappeared from the airwaves. I guess he is playing the role of Major Tom this election year and his ground control at the DNC is not even saying “can you hear me” let alone saying “speak for me”. Newt the not so Beaut has suggested Chu Chu resign and disappear in a dark tunnel. Chu told a Congressional Committee two days ago that he does not even own a car. That is actually a bloody good thing as there is no doubt he does not have the DNA for being a good driver. Rick in the Sanatorium is so coo coo that he has no interest in the energy secretary only in miracles from God. Mitt the Twit admits to eating a bowl of cereal before going to bed. At the end of a long day of campaigning, Romney prepares for sleep by eating a bowl of cold cereal, preferably Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Nut Chex or Crispix. Now tell me this guy is not boring. Actually the GOP cannot spell and they think cereal is spelled serial and we have endless debates and primaries to determine their candidate.

I filled up my wife’s car with midgrade at $4.55 a gallon and thank goodness we only have to do this every two weeks. The average American fills up once a week with about 14 gallons and there is no doubt that the higher gas price is making it harder for my fellow Americans to make ends meet. Hopefully the tunnel old Chu Chu is in is perfectly straight and very long so his ends do not meet and we do not get stuck with him for four more years. OK so what was good this past week? The best news for me was that the Fisker that Consumer Reports bought for testing actually died during the test and could not get restarted. Click on the link below. Of course the Clinton News Network (CNN) did not highlight this as Al Gore is a big time investor in Fisker. I just guess in an election year there is Bad Karma everywhere including on the Consumer Reports test track. As for me my Karma will never ride over my Dogma. I do love my dog that is a pure bred Shih-Tzu who understands all the laws of motion when we go on a walk.

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