Saturday, March 24, 2012

Decoding the Coda

The latest electric vehicle to hit the store shelves here in California is the Coda. A few months back I compared the cost of a Coda to a Mercedes C320 and blogged that there was no comparison between the two cars and that I would buy the Mercedes hands down. Well Coda managed to lower their base price a little by using fewer batteries with a less amount of power stored and hence less range for the plug in heap of junk. The car now has 31 kilowatt hours of battery storage and a range of 88 miles in perfect weather with neither the heater nor the air conditioner operating. The Coda is brought to us courtesy of the republicans and without so called “Obama Money”. Hank the electron in the tank Paulson who was GW’s Secretary of the Treasury is an investor in Coda. Of course Coda tried to get Chu Chu to hand over hundreds of millions for the project to bring a Chinese electric vehicle to US. The company claims that the Coda is US produced as the finally assembly of the vehicle is done here in Northern California. Coda also states that the electric motor is made in the US and also inserted into the car in the final assembly here State side. The car will retail for something like $38,000 and perhaps some $4,000 is value added performed in the United States so I suggest we call the Coda a 10% US made vehicle that is targeted to serve 0.001% of the motorists out there. Good job Hank you will only lose private money on this endeavor.

I do have to applaud Coda for their honesty in setting their range. Unlike Tesla who flat out fib on their website about their range, Coda actually provides a calculator that does set the 88 mile range in real conditions. Maybe the Republicans do tell the truth? Mitt has finally asked Obama to fire Chu Chu and several other cabinet secretaries. Good job Mitt you must have read the Green Machine and now that you have basic thermodynamics etched in your sketched mind we are going to have a coherent energy policy if you win the upcoming election. As Steven Tyler said “dream on”.

Stealing the words of Steven that may well apply to the November election

“Half my life's
in books' written pages
Lived and learned from fools and from sages
You know it's true
All the things come back to you”

We have this blue and red State thing. Blue for Democratic and red for Republican. In Steve Tyler's mind there was a verse in the song Dream On that was dropped, and went as follows:

“Listen, dream on , dream on, dream on

Dream until the dream come true

Yea dream on, dream on, dream on

Dream until your body getting blue”

Perhaps when the slate is cleaned after the Republican primaries and Mitt can play etch a sketch with his policies, his body will be getting blue and his tilting to the right will swing like a pendulum to the left. As for Coda I think they will remain in Coda Blue even though their P&L statement will be perfectly red.