Saturday, February 19, 2011

The President and His CEO Meeting

The President visited the San Francisco Bay Area this week to meet with CEOs and VCs. The meetings had the purpose of assuring the citizens of these United States that the President and his administration are pro business, pro technology, and has a vision for an energy secure future with full employment. The venue for the dinner where the President also invited selected CEOs was at the home of John Doerr. John is a partner in the VC firm Kleiner Perkins. John is ably assisted at Kleiner Perkins by his partner Al Gore. John is also a member of the board of directors of Bloom Energy where he co directs this company with Colin Powell. Simply put John is well connected. Steve Jobs attended the dinner together with Carol Bartz, John Chambers, Dick Costolo, Larry Ellison, Reed Hastings, John Hennessy, Art Levinson, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly, and Mark Zuckerberg. Very impressive guests and I am sure the food was good. The White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that “the President specifically discussed his proposals to invest in research and development and expand incentives for companies to grow and hire.”

The Green Machine can only guess at what the guests at John’s home asked of the President but I am pretty sure that John hosted the event to thank the President for his fine energy policy that has supported many of John’s startups. John certainly did not invite any professors of thermodynamics over to his house so the President could actually be told his energy policy is a disaster. I am sure that John’s house is off the grid and power is supplied by a Bloom Box. The Kleiner Perkins portfolio of gangrene companies is quite vast and I am sure they have a high market value. None of the companies are companies that the Green Machine would invest a cent in. In a single word they are all thermodynamic junk. The biggest junk is Bloom, followed by Fisker, Siverspring and Amyris.

Back in China where real things are happening and companies are growing and hiring, President Hu probably had dinner with some engineers who actually build things. He thanked his engineers for building out almost 100,000,000,000 watts of power generation in 2010. He thanked them for building three hydroelectric dams in 2010 that are each twice as large as the Hoover Dam. He thanked them for building nuclear power plants. He thanked them that China now eclipses the US in power generation by more than 25%. Old Long John and his overpriced Bloom Box did not contribute an iota to the 100 billion watt addition to the Chinese grid. Old Long John and his partner Al Gore are the Visigores who are sacking Washington just as the Visigoths sacked Rome 1,600 years ago. They are the epitome of the parasitic leeches that suck this nation dry. This thermodynamic moron has the audacity to hype a company he owns called Lilliputian Systems that makes miniature fuel cells for portable electronic devices. Lilliputian Systems business model is that lithium ion batteries are too weak and too expensive to power a cell phone. John’s other company Fisker believes that lithium ion batteries are powerful and inexpensive and can be used to propel a 5,000 pound automobile for miles. Perhaps John is Gulliver and the Lilliputians just captured him and tied him down. Obama is not Gulliver he is just Gullible. Jonathan Swift could write a whole novel on VCs and politicians who speak the exact opposite from both sides of their mouths.

This is from the Lilliputian Systems Website
“Current battery technology is not expected to satisfy the growing power needs of CE devices. Today’s most advanced research and development efforts targeted at improving battery chemistry, (e.g. Lithium–ion batteries) are expected to only provide incremental performance gains.
When compared to Lithium-Ion battery alternatives, Lilliputian’s solution provides a 5—10x improvement in volumetric energy density (energy density by volume) and 20—40x improvement in gravimetric energy density (energy density by weight) at a fraction of the cost.
Lilliputian Systems’ product platform enables three distinct classes of Personal Power™ solutions – Mobile Power Systems (“MPS”), Integrated Power Systems (“IPS”) and Embedded Power Systems (“EPS”) for use with various consumer electronics devices ranging from mobile phones to laptops. Lilliputian will supply key components, notably the Generator Chip and a reference design, to system integrators who will manufacture the Power Systems.
Lilliputian will make formal product announcements soon.”

This from John Doerr’s mouth in a Senate Committee hearing in January 2009 on how greentech investing can spur the economy:
Doerr mentioned a new “stealth mode” lithium-ion battery maker. He says the unnamed startup “creates stable, durable lithium ion batteries with higher effective storage capacity” that can power electric vehicles “twice as far, and eventually three times as far, to over 100 miles before recharging.”

I pray that the US gets a president in the next election that will show Doerr the door.


  1. "I pray that the US gets a president in the next election that will show Doerr the door."

    Not even remotely likely.

  2. I bet by November 2012 Fisker will be pretty close to dead. Tesla will be on life support by then too. No doubt Old Long John Doerr will be making money hyping Coal or natural gas as the fuel of the future because by the end of 2012 the price of oil will be $120 a barrel. President Obama needs the advice of the Green Machine. This advice explains entropy and can be summed up in two words "Shift Happens"

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