Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Fourth Law of Thermodynamics

Some of my readers may feel that I knock the left more than I knock the right when it comes to the promotion of gangrene junk science. Well the right wing is also making hay out of the “soiled greening” of America. Do you all remember a certain Henry Paulson who was GW’s Secretary of the Treasury? Old Henry The Second was the king who presided over the economic bust in 2008 that came about because of his misguided economic policies under George the Second. The question from the green point of view is what is Henry the Second doing in “greentech” that makes him an equal plunderer to Alaric the Second? Old Hank is on the board of advisors of another want to be electric car company. Hank is advising CODA the pretend made in the USA electric car company. The components are essentially Chinese (batteries, drive-train, body etc.) but Hank the Yank has helped CODA secure Obama’s recovery funds by performing the final assembly steps in the Ignited States. Yeah hundred of million of dollars of recovery act money will go to CODA. CODA has a 34 kilowatt hour battery pack that will propel the Yugo like vehicle 100 miles. CODA at least has cost accountants who can keep track of debits and credits and will charge over forty thousand dollars for their Balkan Beauty. Unlike the lefties who are helping Fisker get their hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars, CODA will only loose $10,000 a vehicle while Fisker will loose four times as much per vehicle.

The folks at Tesla who are also royalty living the life of luxury on your tax dollars and are now named Charlatan the Second have to eat some major crow and change their claims of range on their website. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported today that the EPA will require Tesla to recalculate their range for the Roadster and reduce the claim by at least 30%. I quote from the SV Business Journal

“Tesla said in its quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday that there is no guarantee that the Model S will not be delayed due to production or engineering issues. Some who have placed pre-orders may cancel, as well, it warned.
Further complicating matters is an expected reduction on what it advertises as the expected mileage of the Roadster. Tesla said that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to cut the Roadster's estimated 220-mile driving range by about 30 percent after new testing.”

The two seater Roadster gets a paltry 154 miles per full charge and it costs Tesla $300,000 to produce but they will soon offer us the S sedan that seats seven, has a larger mass, has a range of 300 miles and they will be able to sell this car for about $50,000 and make a profit to pay the good old US tax payer the half billion dollars they will borrow from us as part of our economic recovery. The word Charlatan is a French word for a snake-oil salesman. If only Tesla had some fossil fuel based snake oil it may have had a roadster with a range of 220 miles. In the seventeenth century the Charlatans of Paris had a stage and music to promote their quackery. Tesla has the internet, television, and an ex Vice President to promote the “convenient untruth” of a technological breakthrough of plug in vehicles. The suckers assembled in Place Dauphin in Paris 500 years ago that were taken in by the pseudoscience of their day did not have the knowledge of the second law of thermodynamics. Carnot published his paper on “the reflections of the motive power of fire” in 1824. We should now know that the laws of thermodynamics are inviolable. The third law of thermodynamics states that “as temperature approaches absolute zero entropy approaches a constant minimum.” I propose a fourth law of thermodynamics that states “there is Gibbs Free Energy but there is no Gore Free Energy and any claims of the existence of an Automotive Free Energy will result in your investment in a company making such a claim approach absolute zero”. One reader told me the British car that runs on human waste should be called the “Mini Pooper”. The CODA has the order of their letters mixed up. It should be the CDOA that stands for Certainly Dead On Arrival.

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