Monday, June 14, 2010

BP and the war of 1812

The war of 1812 ended in 1815 with the battle of New Orleans. Old Andrew Jackson did kick some ass in that final battle of the war that is called the second American Revolution. Our side lost 8 men and the Red Coats lost 800 men. Almost 200 years later we have a president who speaks of kicking ass down there on the Bayou. Well Mr. President you have my permission to really sock it to BP. Twenty big boys to start in an escrow account will be a good opening bid. This mess will take years to clean. I don't feel any sorrow for the shareholders or managers of BP, greed and lies has been the basis for their operation since the inception of this company as the Anglo Persian Oil Company (APOC) in 1909. Twenty billion dollars in an escrow account for the cleanup of the polluted sea and shore should make the APOC sweat a little. I prefer the name APOC to BP. It simply means Another Polluting Oil Company. So what if the other Six of the Seven Sisters will hang APOC out to dry when they all appear before Congress saying BP is the bad apple and they are all pure as the driven snow. The blog below addresses how the Great Green Sharks are ready to devour BP.


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