Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank Groceries

TGIT - Thank Groceries It's ThursdayYes today's blog is brought to you by extra amount you are paying for your grocery bill. You can thank your local government, the US Government, the EU, just about every politician, Archer Daniel Midland, and the extremely incompetent group at UC Berkeley that work in the so called Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab. Yes the Wasteful and Inappropriate Lab at Berkeley was perhaps the loudest proponent over the past five years for bioethanol. When I confronted their director and staff five years ago to stop "selling" the bad science of "food for fuel" they turned a deaf ear and a blind eye. I kind of remember before the Iraq war the UN had this "oil for food" program with old Saddam. At least some of the oil Saddam sold bought food. Our incompetent leaders, our greedy commodity traders, and even the faculty of what was once the premier public university in the land sold out. Yes UC Berkeley has sold out to BP for $500 million and RAEL certainly was an active participant in this transaction. This food for oil is a crock pot of sewage and will yield more waste of land, higher food prices, and more global misery. Your groceries now cost a lot more but at least in Marin County we can eat a single sourdough baguette for the ridiculous cost of $3.29. Talking about our dough going sour, the magician of the year award goes to Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson for the trick of turning the dollar into a third world currency in no time at all. The sad point to all of this is that the poor people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America work for less per day than what a baguette now costs in Golden State.

On a more positive note my blog was mentioned in the April report of a website downunder called The monthly newsletter is free and more importantly informative. The local newspaper that reports on the Tiburon Peninsular is now carrying my articles which will appear weekly are titled "Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine" I will use these articles which are limited to 500 words to teach laypeople about the hope and hype of energy alternates.

It is very interesting to see in the news today that the Rockefeller Family is at odds with the management of Exxon Mobil about Exxon's avoidance of renewable energy as part of its portfolio Yes old John D may be turning in his grave now that his descendants have a preference for the color green in something other than the color of money.

Some good news on the conservation front. Gasoline usage in the USA dropped in February and is likely to continue to drop this year compared with last. Conservation is the only real and appropriate alternate to overcome the high price of energy and the resulting massive emissions of carbon. A real dent will be made by individuals driving less, eating less, heating less, and making fewer latte runs to Starbucks. I had previously blogged about the 140 Degree Latte, Looks like old Starbucks should merge with Stone Cold Ice Cream as Starbuck's profit has dropped by 27% and they are going to be stone cold even with their new drink called Rigor Mortis


  1. You know Lindsay, we had a "car pool day" not too long ago at work. It was easier than most expected. We need to do more of that, especially in central Iowa where each person age 16 and over has their own ride... ~adam laug

  2. RAEL is now Frail and their director is eating crow instead of corn

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