Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank Government

Green Thursday TGIT Thank Government It's Thursday

Today we thank the government because they have finally smelled the roses and agree there is global warming. Yes the President was smelling the blooms in the Rose garden today when he acknowledged that the US will need to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 in order to save the world.

Yes the leader of the free world, with the legacy of no other commander in chief, wants to curb CO2 emissions in the year he will turn 80. Hello Houston we have a problem and we need to address it now! Dubya smelled the roses but it is now reported that bees and other pollinators cannot smell the sweet aroma of roses because of ozone pollution. It turns out that the aromatic chemicals in roses are now being oxidized by ozone pollution that primarily comes for vehicles.,2933,350968,00.html

So what do we do about ozone pollution near the ground. Well Volvo and Engelhardt had an idea that is now used on some of Volvo's vehicles. They applied a ozone depleting catalyst on the radiators of their vehicles and as the air passes through the radiator the catalyst converts ozone into oxygen.

My friend Paul in Australia alerted me to a new engine technology that promises to be almost 30% more efficient. Using very smart microelectronic controllers the engine can be rapidly switched from four stroke cycle to two stroke cycle allowing a smaller and lighter engine to have the power of a far larger engine. This out of the cylinder thinking is what is needed.

Now that we have our good news story we have to return to sad state of affairs caused by the completely misguided policy of bio-fuels. Food prices are up in the USA but at least we have food

Poorer countries in Asia and Africa have food shortages and people are starving thanks to the Department Of Entropy's misguided policy. This week I award the Gangrene Award for the dumbest energy idea to our Secretary of Entropy - Sam Bodman. Regimes around the world could be toppled much like the royalty in France in the late eighteenth century. Yosemite Sam was quoted as saying to the masses "if you have no corn for bread just eat rum cake with your bio ethanol"

Unfortunately most of this week's Green Thursday is pretty depressing news so I will leave you with the word's of a great president who also had to deal with troubled times. When JFK had to remind folks of the need for commitment to solve pressing problems he did not fumble for words in the Rose Garden, instead he said these remarkable words:
"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction." - -- John F. Kennedy

Could someone please convey the message to our leaders that the long range risks and costs of an overheated earth without food is pretty important and worth action now.


  1. Dad- This was your best one yet! Depressing, but true.

  2. Lexi you have a great mind so please go to DC and tell them what to do

  3. Lexi-when they lock up your dad make sure someone cooks like me. Attrition is a b tch!

  4. this is by far the best site for real information on energy no hype no sales no political spin