Saturday, November 5, 2022



The director of the Idaho National Lab made false statements about the greatness and efficiency of Bloom's electrolyzer for hydrogen production.  He turned this well known Department of Energy lab into an ad agency for the Bloomdoggling crowd out of Silly Con Valley.  He reported just the amount of electricity the Bloomdoogle needs to generate a kilogram of hydrogen.  He ignored the enthalpy in the 10 kilograms of steam at 5 Barg that the Rube Greenberg device needs to generate 1 kilogram of hydrogen.  He also ignored to report that the junky device generates hydrogen at only 0.04 barg.  Hydrogen at this pressure is useless and needs more electricity to increase the pressure to something useful.

Plug Power who are Bloom's competitor produces hydrogen at 40 barg which is ONE THOUSAND TIMES GREATER pressure and does not use steam.

Sridhar the CEO of Bloom is the Smollett of Green Energy.  Sadly the US Department of Entropy is now right up there with CNN in reporting the truth

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