Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Email To Alan

Alan is a very good guy who heads Green Delaware.  he asked how do we end the Bloom Energy Bloomdogge?

My email reply to him is copied below.  Of Course I copied every operative in the complex that I have an email address for.


The Bloomdoggle in Delaware is headed by Joe Biden.  Papa Joe now protects them.  When Baby Beau was AG in DE he protected them.  As for Matt Denn you current AG he  was Jack in the Bloom Box's right hand man to bring Bloom to Deal Away.

No doubt that Carney, Coons and Carper are offering protection but they realize it is pointless given the mass of evidence I have uncovered.  If the internet was not around a Bloomdoggle like this could have lasted forever.  But the internet makes an old fart Chemical Engineer at his dining room table as powerful as Joe Biden and his cronies.

The SEC knows that Bloom is basically out of business and that 99% of the cash flow in Delaware ends up in the Nazi Gold bank Credit Suisse.

The heads of enforcement at the SEC in DC have been copied on all of this.  The Chicago office botched to Bloomdoggle investigation goingafter minnows like Badger, Daubenspeck and Advanced Equities.  They were told to hold off on Doerr, Gore, Powell, Sandell, Khosla, KPCB,
Aimco, Exelen, Delmarva, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, HSBC and others because these are the builders of presidential libraries.

The EPA, FTC and DOJ have to put a few in jail for the ecofraud.

You all in Delaware have to vote in an honest government and have to get a news paper that is not printed on TP.

We in the United States need to remove fascists on the left and the right and unite in the center.  Much of our problem is that the 1% like Doerr and Khosla have rigged the system for decades and people are pretty stupid.  My problem is that from 6 years old I was amathematician who loved and understood numbers.  Even when I was six I would have understood that to go from last to first one had to run the
race on piggy back of a very large institution that gave you an
advantage over the other kids in the field.  I was quite happy to end up in the place I deserved and never hopped on my Uncle Sam to win a race.

If the Bloomdoggle dies in a whimper and does not end with massive jail terms and fines we know Donald Trump is just another rigged crooked politician like Oh Bummer and Bush.

I doubt that Joe Biden will ever run for another office as the
Bloomdoggle will haunt him a lot more than when he plagiarized in first year of law school back in 1965 when he learned his ethics.  His claiming to be Middle Class is like John Doerr claiming to understand thermodynamics.

Doerr had to sell out much of Amyris last week to a Chinese fund and a Dutch company.  Amyris is the company that Senator Feinstein's hubby Blum (not Bloom) profitted from in their IPO.  Of course DiFi steered taxpayer money to Amyris.  Small investors have lost 99% of their money in Amyris since the IPO.

Alan you care about the environment, all these operatives care about is MONEY.


The Green Machine


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