Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nazi Gold and Bloom Electrons

You must all think the Thermanator has gone nuts!  What do Bloom Electrons have to do with Nazi Gold?  The connection is the Swiss bank Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse settled big time for hoarding Nazi Gold and not returning the money to Jewish Holocaust Victims.

Credit Suisse is the tax equity partner for the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle in Delaware.  You all know about the fake coastal zone act permit, you all know about the bogus fuel cell tariff that invented renewable shale natural gas, you all know about the hazmat, you all know about the decoking, you all know about the high CO2 emissions, but you did not know a greedy Swiss bank that hoarded holocaust victim gold for 60 years got 99% of the tax and cash benefit of the Bloomdoggle in Delaware.

Also what you may not know is that in 2009 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) did a peer reviewed study of 18 fuel cell systems and Bloom came in dead last.  Yes Siemens, GE, FuelCell Energy and others had far better systems.

Credit Suisse was also reported to have invested $30 million directly in Bloom and also to have advised Exelon in Exelon’s Bloomdoggle deal with Bloom.  There may be a conflict of interest for a bank that is an investor in a company advising the opposite party in a transaction with that company. 

I have informed the SEC of the possible conflict of interest as well as the 99% creaming of taxpayer and ratepayer money in the Delaware Bloomdoggle.  Credit Suisse’s take in the Delaware Bloomdoggle is approximately $230 million from taxpayers and ratepayers.

The three vile Swiss banks involved in the Nazi Gold scam settled for $1.2 billion.  A big sum that is far eclipsed by the huge sum of the Bloomdoggle that I now estimate at $4.2 billion.   Credit Suisse’s share of the Nazi Gold payment may have been $400 million ( a third possibly).   If the SEC, FTC, EPA, DOT and US DOJ do their jobs and we the taxpayers and ratepayers get treble damages, Credit Suisse could cough up twice as much in the Bloomdoggle as they did in the Nazi Gold crime.

I did contact Credit Suisse who at first said a lawyer (Lara Leaf) would talk to me and then they had one of their Swiss employees (Thomas Baer) working out of New York email me that they had no comment.  My guess is they must be hopping mad they crawled into bed with Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell in the Bloomdoggle.  AN UPDATE Ms. Leaf and an outside counsel Mr. Bansal did call me and ask about the Bloomdoggle.  I do hope that Credit Suisse assists the US EPA, US FTC, US SEC, US DOT, and US DOJ in investigating and ending the Bloomdoggle.

The Swiss are pretty good chemists and I am sure Thomas Baer can get a Swiss chemist to tell him that benzene, lead, chromium, and arsenic cannot be considered green chemistry when it comes to electron generation.  The German word for Green is Grun, and the German word for Gangrene is  Faulnisbrand.  The Swiss bank tax equity financed Faulnisbrand Bloom Coffins when they thought they would be making a lot of Grun Rucken (greenbacks).  Donald Trump would tell Credit Suisse that they were schlonged.
The word Schlong does have a German source.  Though Credit Suisse is normally the Schlonger not the Sclongee.  The words Thermanator and Bloomdoggle are my inventions.


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