Sunday, February 26, 2017

To Doom With Bloom

Folks you know I am Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine AKA The Thermanator.  Yes I am back and stronger and say out loud Hasta Leveenta Baby. 

Bloom Energy the largest ecofraud ever is reeling.  They and every one of their customers got busted by the US EPA as generators of hazardous waste with Benzene.

I have the US FTC, US SEC, US EPA, US DOJ and several state EPAs and DOJs investigating Bloom for GREENWASHING.

I wrote about their idiotic Twinkie like defense that the hazmat with benzene was part of the manufacturing process unit.  Now I have found a document under the FOIA from Delaware DNREC files where DNREC claimed the following:

"Upon review , the Division of Air Quality agreed that the contents of the fuel cells are not hazardous; in the event of a mishap regarding these cells - a natural disaster, an explosion, or human error - the contents of these units will not pose a hazard."

Well Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell, KR Shridhar, Vinod Khosla, and other BLOOMDOGGLERS a disaster has happened and the content of these cells do pose a hazard.  Your lies have been exposed and The Thermanator is now asking for criminal indictments by the US DOJ.  The BLOOMDOGGLE ECOFRAUD has extracted approximately $1.2 billion of taxpayer and ratepayer money.   

As for an explosion, the only explosion here is the reverse big bang in Al Gore’s alt universe where entropy decreases with time and free energy is maximized.  The Thermanator and all freshmen Chemical Engineers know in the real universe entropy increases and free energy is minimized. 

Thermodynamics Trumps Everything.  Bloom is the No Trumps of green energy.   It is 100% Gangrene.  It is Solyndra times Four and Flint On Steroids. 

Delaware which had the slogan years ago “To Hell With Shell” now is experiencing “To Doom With Bloom”.  Mr. Cooney, Mr. Carper, Mr. Coons, Mr. Markell, and Mr. Denn are Bloomdogglers.  Mr.O'Mara is a Crook.  A HUGE one.