Friday, March 11, 2016

A Danish Bloomdoggle

The Danes are being ripped off just like Americans by a HUGE greenwashed project

Electricity generated from wind will be used to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen that will be used in vehicles and also used for grid backup.  One megawatt of electrolysis for $16 million, CRAZY!   The Danes could have stored the wind generated electricity in lithium ion batteries in a project that cost one tenth as much and the round trip efficiency of the battery project would be 90% or greater while the Rube Greenberg hydrogen project has a round trip efficiency of approximately 25%.  That is to say 75% of the energy is lost in the Leaky Air project while only 10% of the energy would be lost in the battery storage project.

In Denmark surnames end in SEN

I guess Rube Greenberg would be known as Rube Greenbergsen for this greenwashed project.


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