Saturday, July 18, 2015

US Uses More Gasoline Than 2008

Despite the “green” policies of the Obama administration gasoline consumption is soaring.

The President is failing us in his energy policy.  It is actually a disaster.  In the three years since Dr. Moniz took over the Department of Energy from Dr. Chu, Carbon Dioxide emissions have grown each year.  Moniz gave a thumbs up to Ivanpah the project I have rightly called Solyndra times three.  Moniz is happy to have “assisted” in the Iran deal.  If Moniz cannot comprehend Ivanpah how in heavens name will he contain the centrifuges of the Ayatollah?

The Ayatollah made a hateful speech and we are going to let him spin centrifuges and give him Billions of dollahs.  I just shake my head in disbelief at the state of the country from Chatanoogah to Caliphorniah one cannot live in peace.  The Donald has real hair and has pointed to real problems but CNN and my Congressman think Donald is a joke and wears a wig.  Bernie Sanders is pointing to real problems.  Bernie knows it is the Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Gubernatorial Statehouse Complex that has deprived most citizens of money, rights, and the pursuit of happiness.  

Getting back to gasoline consumption it is all because money is wasted by Feds and the States on giving rich folks tax credits to buy EVs.  EVs are a joke.  We need to get Prius type hybrids in the hands of many millions not plug-ins in the hands of thousands to make a dent on gasoline consumption.  The precious lithium should not go to the 1% it should be spread around to the 99%.

Tesla is now offering a 90 kwh battery pack at $3,000 premium to the 85 kwh pack.  This actually proves my contention that batteries are still very expensive.  The option costs $600 per kwh and note it is really only the cost of the cells as the battery housing, thermal management system, and battery control system are essentially identical. 

Thermo bats 1,000.  I believe that Tesla battery packs are still far too expensive for them to sell a people’s EV at a profit.  Time will tell if Model 3 is a success.  If the battery pack can enjoy several thousand cycles, and the car can go the distance of 30 to 50 years of driving, then it will be a success.    My great hope in plug in cars is not a price reduction but a cost of ownership reduction by having very long lived batteries.

I found this link about a guy in Washington DC who has 120,000 miles in 2 years in Tesla Model S.

I was thinking how does a guy drive 60,000 miles a year in DC???  It can’t be that he is a lobbyist as they just hang out in fine bars, clubs, and restaurants in town.   It could be that he is an Uber lobbyist driving the rich and famous.   The photo of the car in snow seems to be taken in a large estate he might own.  All that snow and a Tesla had me thinking what ever happened to the New York Times reporter John Broder that reported his Tesla battery went flat.  I know the NYT threw him under the electric bus but where did he wind up?   I do hope he landed on his feet as he was not factually incorrect about the trip he took in ice cold weather in early 2013 in that Model S.

It is strange how Broder now lives in obscurity, Musk is the new Edison, and the US consumes more gasoline as EVs collectively are a commercial flop.  Americans and the Obama administration live on hope even if it fantasy, truth is just a passenger on the diesel bus.   The EV is a prank call to world about sustainability.  Our problem is social not the fuel.   Like I say "you can fuel some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time."


  1. Nothing in the U. S. government works. How can a bearded 24 year old muslim travel to Jordan for 6 months and not be in FBI full view. And he buys an assault rifle on top of this. My postal delivered Wednesday newspaper doesn't get delivered until Saturday.

    James Rust, Professor

  2. Prof Rust in 1969 we went to the moon. Between 2008 and today we went to crap. The next president better be strong and a real POTUS not a coward who dropped The United

  3. Prof Rust in 1969 we went to the moon. Between 2008 and today we went to crap. The next president better be strong and a real POTUS not a coward who dropped The United