Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Born Bieber Turns 100

The big news of the week is that Just Born Bieber was caught speeding in his chrome plated Fisker Karma.  Just Born claims he had to speed away from paparazzi that were chasing him.  We now know the Fisker Dogma is capable of reaching 100 MPH.  What was not revealed was whether the car was using its battery power or the backup internal combustion engine to attain the 100 MPH velocity.  I have to think the engine was firing on all fours and the batteries were pumping electrons simultaneously.

Almost exactly five years back Al Gore’s son was caught speeding in a Prius and he too got the hybrid to reach 100 MPH.

This has me thinking of Newton’s laws of motion and how fast the Fisker or the Prius would have travelled if they were not carrying heavy battery packs?  The Fisker has a far heavier battery pack than the Prius and by my estimate Just Born could have reached 125 MPH if the Fisker was only engine powered.  The young Gore could have attained 105 MPH but his speed was also limited by the mass of the drugs found in the trunk of his Prius at the time of his arrest.  Just Born was not arrested he was just given a speeding ticket.   The California Highway Patrol could not find any of the paparazzi that were reported to be chasing Bieber in five or six other cars.

OK enough about young people who speed and let’s now think about one of America’s most well know Generals.  Yeah General Electric announced they are postponing the construction of their $600 million factory in Colorado to produce PV solar cells.  GE also had proposed cadmium tellurium chemistry on flexible substrate.  Again the US got clobbered by cheap Chinese imports of silicon based solar cells.  It is interesting that GE produced silicon solar cells many years ago and dropped that process for the promise of CdTe.

Job growth in the US last month was anemic with only 80,000 jobs added.  The President is still blaming his predecessor for the poor results in the economy 42 months after he took office.  His contender claims to have real concerns for the middle class and pounced on the bad economic news to improve his poll numbers.    

On Thursday, my Assemblyman in the State House who wants to be my Congressman in the US House finally responded to my request to investigate how Bloom Energy requested state training funds in California for the handling of hazardous Hydrogen Sulfide in their fuel cells when their General Manager stated under oath in Delaware that the cells have no Hydrogen Sulfide and that the request for California state funds was “erroneous”.   I guess after six emails over six weeks my Assemblyman finally realized there is an election in November and he had better respond to the pleas of one of the voters in his congressional district.  I will report if something actually comes out the Assemblyman’s office investigating the request for state of California training funds.

The Assemblyman and his colleagues in Sacramento were extremely busy on Friday when they passed the funding bill for the High Speed Rail Line in the Southern part of the Central Valley.  This train will reportedly travel at two hundred miles per hour.  I guess if Al’s son and Just Born combined their efforts they could keep up with the “tres grande vitesse” train as it runs side by side with the highway.  Just Born can use the defense that paparazzi on the train were trying to take his picture.   Actually Al Gore Jr. is now into boxing for charity and has got his life together so he may not join Just Born on the trip.