Friday, November 18, 2011

Real Energy Policy That Works

I did some thinking about the occupation of the world. The folks at OWS have a point about the 99% versus the 1%. They just got the math wrong. It is about the 99.99% versus the 0.01%. The 0.01% has creamed the department of entropy for loans for dumb ass green energy projects. It was good to see the secretary of entropy “Dr. Chew On This” squirm a little in his testimony to congress. I am convinced this guy wants China to overtake the ignited states and rule the world, otherwise he simply could not believe the bull he told the thermodynamic neophytes who questioned him. It was like a scene out of the movie dumb and dumber.

For the benefit of the occupiers, I did some quick calculations on how the other 99.99% can get a piece of the Thanksgiving American Pie rather than seeing their government simply hand it over to Al Gore and the 0.01%. The equitable way to share the pie is to have the Feds pay for the installation of a natural gas compressor in each of the garages of 400,000 folks who belong to the 99.99%. The Feds should also front the cost of installing natural gas storage tanks and changing out of the fuel injection systems in the cars of the lucky 400,000 ordinary folks. I estimate this can be done for $2,500 per system. If we get 400,000 motorists to sign up for the conversion from gasoline to natural gas, the Feds will spend a paltry $1 billion on people who actually matter and make America great. The installation work will be done by ordinary folks and small businesses not by Al Gore and his cronies.

As the natural gas (methane) molecule has 4 hydrogen atoms and only 1 carbon atom compared with 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 carbon atom in gasoline, the carbon dioxide emissions per vehicle are reduced by 1.44 tons per vehicle per year by the conversion from gasoline to natural gas. With 400,000 conversions more carbon dioxide emissions are avoided than the Bright Source Ivanpah California “smoke and mirrors” solar project, that our government of the people for the people and by the people sponsored to the tune of $1.6 billion. The Bright Source Ivanpah project was purely for the benefit of the 0.01%. You may ask how Uncle Sam gets our money back from the 400,000 ordinary Americans. Well the motorist saves $2 per gallon equivalent of gasoline and therefore will save $1,500 a year if there was no tax on the natural gas. Uncle Sam can levy a $1 per gal equivalent federal tax on natural gas for such purpose and have the utility collect the tax for Uncle Sam. In 3.57 years the $1 billion loan to the less fortunate 99.99% will be paid back by the tax.

The motorists will each save $750 a year to spend on other goods or services. The world will be cleaner by almost 600,000 tons a year of carbon dioxide. The 0.01% will not make a buck out of it unless of course they own the natural gas wells and transmission system. In this example Uncle Sam will actually get our money back instead of us waiting 14 years for the smoke and mirrors project in the Mojave to yield some result. Also there will be real employment given to the folks who fabricate and install the natural gas systems. The $2 per gallon equivalent is calculated as follows: The EPA has mandated 10% ethanol in our now anemic gasoline with 120,000 BTU HHV per gallon. This equals 1.2 therms of purchased natural gas. A therm of gas is sold to households at $1.20 hence the natural gas will cost $1.44 per equivalent gallon. The electricity for compression will be about another dime an equivalent gallon, yielding a cost of about $1.54 per equivalent gallon. Gasoline retails for $3.54 a gallon and voila we have the two buck per gallon savings. Even moronic congressmen and women can do this math.

I looked up the address of our Department of Entropy. They are located at 1000 Independence Avenue Southwest, Washington, DC 20585-0001 with phone number
(202) 586-5000. The occupy movement is all about chaos and disorder so occupying the entropic imbecilic department is totally appropriate. Occupiers please take note of the address and move in on the department. I am personally appalled by the DOE locating on Independence Avenue. They were chartered more than 30 years ago by President Carter to help the US achieve energy independence. I wonder if there is a street in DC named Dependence Boulevard where all the parasitic and useless departments of government can be relocated. As for Chu it is time for someone else to occupy the position of Secretary of Entropy, and he should return to studying ultra-low temperature particles as his policy is approaching absolute zero.


  1. Excellent blog - suggest every recipient send it to his Congressman and senators

  2. Lindsay I will also send it to my MP - sorry I did not put my name to the Congress/Senator suggestion - when will we get a society where politicians are held to account as we 99.99% are subjected to in all aspects of our daily lives.

  3. Neels ou maat we will never get a society where the pols are held to account to the 99.99% when the 0.01% can buy the pols. The 99.99% are asleep while the 0.01% are awake 24 hours a day grafting away at how to start wars so they can sell weapons and then rebuild economies. The 99.99% need double incomes to afford houses that are now worthless and the double incomes are not enough to even have children anymore so the world will be occupied by more an more zombies who have Mugabe, I'm A Dinner Jacket, and Chairman Ho to lead them. Ons is knie diep in die kak