Saturday, August 20, 2011

Short Circuit

Wow another week flew by and the stock market is still reeling. The string on the yoyo is getting frayed and soon the toy will break only to be left in a solid waste dump just like half of the aluminum cans ever produced. My buddies at ENER1 (NYSE HEV)have short circuited and are close to Raser the wealth eraser. HEV trades at 37 cents and the NYSE will delist them soon. They were the backers of Think the now defunct electric car. AONE is also down to a few volts and is about to go flat. But GM gave AONE some life support by agreeing that some future yet unnamed electric vehicle from GM will have AONE batteries. You have to remember our department of entropy gave AONE half a billion for their factory in Michigan and GM has to throw a life vest to the sinking Michigan plant. AONE is also an investor in Fisker just like HEV invested in Think. Well Fisker needs another 200 million dollars for the launch of their expensive plug in car. They did sell car number 1 early this month. It was sold to Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo knows about sinking ships after appearing in the Titanic. He also appeared in Catch Me If You Can and no doubt knows about forgeries. The Fisker is one massive forgery. It is a Chev Volt on steroids. Al Gore backed it so of course the department of entropy also has pledged half a billion to the boys at Fisker

Did anything green happen this week? Yes I managed to get my news LED LCD HD TV connected to the new cable box from Comcast. It only took 4 phone calls and 8 hours but the simple act of bringing programs to my TV is now complete. Of course the cable box will need a reboot when we have a power surge or some idiot crashes into the pole on the street that the cable is hung upon. The Golf Channel is transmitted in 1080 p HD and that sure shows the greens and fairways to be green. They carried the Czech Open this week. I never realized how pretty and green central Europe is. Most of my images of these places were in Stalinist black and white with plumes of smoke belching form tall chimneys to make steel for tanks to attack the west. The commies are still going strong in the Peoples’ Republic and soon they will be the largest economy. My wife bought some “health nutritional bars” on QVC only to find out these power bars are made in China. No doubt made from recycled melamine furniture.

I saw at least four ads this week on my new TV on shale natural gas and how Exxon Mobil is so careful not to let the fracking of the shale deposits destroy the ground water. Next week I will opine on shale gas but in general the Green Machine gives a green light to shale gas. A friend of mine named Charlie decided to fork up a few bucks and connect his natural gas supply to his BBQ in the back yard. I told him he was being green in burning methane rather than propane as methane emits less CO2 per steak. Also each time a propane tank is filled some propane is allowed to escape to allow pressure equalization for filling and propane is a severe greenhouse gas. My friend Charlie gets a green star.


  1. Hmmmm, your 'a green light to shale gas' comment, has me concerned. I believe it was earlier past spring that the city of Pittsburgh, PA, ja, the in the Land of Standard Oil, was the first city in the USA to pass a moratorium on hydraulic fracking for natural gas. Have you seen the documentary "Gasland", yet? Water igniting out of water taps because of shale gas infiltration? Just one of the MANY concerns I have about the downsides of this practice. At least utility scale gas turbines that utilize natural gas are achieve efficiency milestones.


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