Saturday, July 23, 2011

anti ballistic high speed rail system program

Another week and we all are another dollar in debt. Actually the debt of these ignited states increased by many dollars and the two parties cannot reach agreement on how the country’s finances should be run. What both parties agree about is that we need to have “advanced green technologies” so we can compete in the global market of the future. Not one of these lawmakers has ever studied thermodynamics, most are lawyers and most are ignorant of science yet they all agree we have to have the “new green economy”.

The shuttle landed safely and at least for the next twenty years the USA will have a reduced space program and not burn all that hydrogen in their launch platforms that are limited by the width of a horse's posterior. Bank of America has downgraded AstraZeneca from accumulate to neutral. I guess some MBA analyst at B of A reads I am really searching for something scientific and thermodynamic to report on this week when temperatures in the US have soared, the NFL has proposed salary limits, and Obama and Boehner can’t just get it on. Perhaps old John should drop the “eh” from his name and the country will have a budget.

Oil prices are headed up even though Obama and other western governments released oil form their strategic reserves. The OECD cannot change the global dynamics of oil now that China, India and other Asian countries are driving their Chevies to the Levies. OECD used to stand for Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Now it stands for Obama’s Economy Continues Dropping. Actually if the Asians were driving Chevies we may still have a chance. Don McLean sang Bye Bye American Pie 40 years ago, he should now be given the Nobel Prize for Economics for his seminal work back in 1971. Ah finally I can tie in a thermodynamic aspect to my ramblings the McLean is a new sandwich from McDonalds in which the protein is tofu rather than beef. We all know that tofu has a small fraction of the land, water, and carbon footprints of beef.

Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize based on hope a few months after he took office. Perhaps Obama not Don should now be the given the Nobel Economics Prize based on hope. The Nobel Prize is normally given to a prominent person for work performed many decades ago but with Obama he was so hopeful this requirement was waived. John on the other hand should not even be given a prize he should just take my social security check as an award for his services, of course he won’t keep my money for himself he will give it BP to discover oil in the Gulf of Mexico. BP will then bring oil to the American shores and the budget crisis can be averted.

Some late breaking news from China is that there was a terrible accident on their high speed train line. 11 people were killed when one train was hit from behind by a second train. Without showing disrespect for the people who died and who were injured does this mean China has both a high speed and a higher speed rail system? The US does not even have any high speed rail system. If only we can convince Obama and Boehner that this like sputnik is an arms race with China and we are behind, then we may actually commence the “anti ballistic high speed rail system program” to save America from being attacked and overtaken by China. Like in the 1950s, schools will have drills where kids duck under wooden desks to be safe. Did someone tell Eisenhower and Nixon back in 1955 that the dropping of a thermonuclear bomb is one heck of a thermodynamic event with a fireball? They must have known then that wood burns so how the heck would the children be saved? Please Mr. Obama, please Mr. Boehner don’t give me a wooden desk to hide under while I really need healthcare and my retirement income.