Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bottoms Up - Breweries Go Green

Breweries are one of the latest industries to focus on sustainability and green business, whether they are "greening" their supply chains, buying locally-grown ingredients, using solar power to run their production facilities, or making organic beer.

Sierra Nevada (pictured), a California company at the forefront of the craft brewer movement, outfitted its brewery and restaurant with one of the largest solar arrays in the United States. The solar panels provide over 1.4 MW of AC power for the brewery, and have the side effect of giving shade to restaurant patrons and visitors.

The New Belgium brewery in Colorado gets 100% of its power from wind, has cut its water use in half, and is in the process of going solar as well.

Other breweries are using recycled glass and cardboard for their packages, and encouraging customers to bring in their empty growlers to get refills.

Of course, as a customer, you can always buy local beer that didn't have to travel thousands of miles to get to your mouth. By buying local you'll be helping the planet, helping your local economy, and sticking it to Anheuser Busch. Doesn't that feel good?


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