Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Biogas Costs Seven Times Oil

The cost of biogas in california is skyrocketing.  This is because cellulosic ethanol is a total failure and Moonbean now wants to capture cow farts to propel vehicles.

A million BTUs of biogas is worth $87.  A barrel of oil has about 5.7 million BTUs hence biogas is selling in the once golden state for about $500 a barrel.  Moonbeam is plain stupid.  Trump is brilliant.   Moonbeam never studied finance at Wharton nor did he study Thermodynamics at Iowa State.

The crooks at Bloom that own Schumer and the democrats want to use biogas to generate renewable electrons.  What a crock !!   Their dirty electrons need 7.6 million BTUs per megawatt hour.  This means $661 per megawatt hour just for the biogas fuel in a Bloomdoggle Box.

Solar can be generated for less than $50 per megawatt hour.   Bloom needs to stop hyping their cow fart story.  When Kavanaugh becomes Chief Justice of the USA, Moonbeam and the Bloomdogglers will still be trying to capture cow farts.


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